Public Nights

Hearing protection is mandatory and must be supplied by all shooters.  The NZHA is not obliged to provide ear muffs.

The facility is open to the Public on a Tuesday Night.   

New or less than confident shooters; please introduce yourself to the range officers so they may assist you and share their experience.

Please ensure that you bring your current firearms licence, if you do not hold a firearms licence please ensure the person whom is overseeing you does.

The rifle range.

The 100m rifle range is supervised by qualified NZHA range officers who also offer both coaching and advise should it be required.   The rifle range operates between 7.00pm and 10.00pm (No new shooters after 8:30pm or at range officers’ discretion).

Range officers may inspect firearms suspected as being unsafe.  Rifles not previously sighted MUST be initially shot at 25m to be sure of the fall of shot.  Any shooter in doubt as to the sighting of their rifle should begin at 25m also.  

Rifle range fee for non members: $20.00, payable in the clubrooms. 

We won’t leave you out in the cold in the cooler months.


Shotgun range.

Supervised by our qualified range officers also and open from 7.00pm.  Target ammunition is available for purchase at the clubrooms at a reasonable charge. Should you bring your own shotgun ammunition it must be “target” loads, #7, #7½ or #9 shot. No field loads are permitted.

The NZHA has shotguns available for use on public evenings at no charge. 

Ammunition will not be sold without presentation of a current firearms licence.

Shotgun per round (10 targets):  Members/under 18’s $3.00, students $4.00, guests $5.00. 

12 gauge, 28gram target ammunition, per 25 rounds: $11.00

Below: 100m rifle range in the foreground and the shotgun range beyond.  Tuesday evening, public night access.


shotgun night 3shotgun night 4