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Membership secretary – James;

Membership to the NZHA is not conducted by mail order.  All prospective members must come to the Public range nights held on Tuesday evenings.  Prospective members are required to participate and be observed by a Club Range Officer on 3 separate occasions.

Membership applications may be submitted only after filling out the application form in full and having the 3 attendances signed off by authorised club leaders.  Completed applications may be surrendered at the clubrooms on a Tuesday evening.

Membership categories are:

  • Full financial member, $180 per annum
  • Spouse, $10.00 per annum
  • Junior, $10.00 per annum
  • Student, $90.00 per annum *

A Spouse or Junior member must be tied to a Member. In the case of a Junior, he or she does not have to be a family member but has to have a sponsor member who is prepared to take the responsibility of an unlicensed shooter as defined by the Arms Act.

*Those allegeable for student membership must provide student I.D. and be between the ages of 18 and 25 years.

Process explained

Prospective members need to attend and be signed off by the range officers/club leaders during three visits.  The purpose of this is to allow the suitability of prospective members to be assessedProspective members are required to be nominated by two current financial members, these can be range officers or current members.  Prospective members are required to partake in a ‘key course’ outlining responsibilities and conduct whilst attending and using NZHA facilities. Completion of the key course also allows out of hours site access.  Upon satisfying these requirements and payment of the membership the applicants name is then put forward to the committee for the next monthly newsletter. If there are no objections then you will be become a member.

This process will take up to a month so please be patient.

NOTE, all members who fail to renew subs on time and become unfinancial will be treated as new members as per Club Rules, no exceptions.