Officers of the club 2016-2017:

President – Tony      Vice President – Andrew

Treasurer – Simon      Secretary – Arthur

Immediate past president – Mark      Membership secretary – James.

Committee – Ivan, Gary, Isaac, Mark F, Reg, Mark K, Paul, Dave, Vic, Shaun, Tim, Jacob.

Webmaster – Jeff

Rifle convenor  –  Reg  Shotgun convenor – Ivan

Rifle range fees for ‘guests’:

Members have reported that others are still bringing guests in to shoot and not paying the $20 fee before they shoot, or not paying at all.

Remember, you are required to pay for the guest before they shoot.

If you are caught with an unpaid guest, the fee is increased to $50 and you will be asked to pay immediately.

If this is not possible, then you will be invoiced and have 14 days to pay and your membership will be suspended if it is not paid within this time.

If you happen to do this again, then, in addition to the increased fee, the membership suspension is immediate and you will be required to attend a Committee meeting to request reinstatement. 

Please understand that the guest fees are helping to keep our club subscriptions at a lower level, so it’s in the member’s interest to report non payers.

And, with our 24/7 video surveillance and security access records, it is easy to identify those that are flaunting the rules

So, if you have reason to believe that someone hasn’t paid, let us know and we will take it from there. 

It is also timely to remind everyone that members are fully liable for the actions and behaviours of their guests.

Both the member and their guest must comply with all regulations and procedures as well as the instruction of any identified Range Officer or Committee Member.

Letter from Ecan regarding use of firearms on Ecan Regional Council Land worth a read ecan use of firearms on public access land