Shotgun Range


Our primary focus is safety first.  The NZHA shotgun range is the only facility in the Canterbury area with a purpose built back stop to capture 100% fall of shot.  Safety features of the range are:

  • Semi circular, earthen bund, 1o metres tall providing a catchment for all shot fired at clay targets.  The bund also acts as a barrier for noise pollution from muzzle reports on the otherwise open range.
  • Skeet ‘cages’ to limit the horizontal arch of fire of shooters on all five shooting stations.  These ‘cages’ can also be fitted with top bars to limit maximum vertical height of discharge also.
  • Trained and experienced range officers who actively monitor all shooters and are available to coach and tutor newcomers.
  • Dedicated spectator seating and view areas creating a buffer zone between the field of fire and off range area.


The NZHA is equipped for a flexible range of clay target shooting with numerous traps.  These include:

Trap or Down the Line

Traditional style of shotgun shooting where the target goes almost straight away from the shooter.  One magazine fed trap situated 15m in front of five shooting stations with an optional oscillation for both horizontally and vertically displacement of the target. This match is 10 targets, twice through each of the five shooting stations; maximum of two shots at each targets. 


Riverside Skeet

Closer in targets in more of a crossing style with clays launched from two magazine fed traps (left and Right) beside five shooting stations.  Shooters call for the first target from the left tower with the second target being released from the right tower at the report of the first shot.  This match is 10 targets also shot as a  pair;  one pair (two targets) shot at each station. 

New trap loaded

Bolting Rabbit

A recent addition the shotgun range is a portable ‘rabbit’ trap.  This device launches rimmed targets on their edge such that the target rolls and/or bounces across the ground simulating a fleeing small game animal (hence the name rabbit).  Typically shot at fairly close range this discipline is a fast paced and an excellent way of coaching new shooters as the fall of shot (pattern) is visible on the ground.  The ability to see the shot pattern impacting the soil allows the shooter to see where they are hitting or missing the target and facilitates easy correction of style.


The Pond Shoot

This is a combination of skeet and trap, generally 5 targets fired in a sequence of the choosing of the range officer of the evening.  On the monthly Sunday shoot this event can involve the bolting rabbit also.


The shotgun range is open on a Tuesday night from 7.00pm to the public and members and is floodlit for night shooting. 

Shotgun night 2


A good day on the range.