Expanded Vision Statement

The New Zealand Handloaders Association (NZHA) provides the opportunity for members to engage in the activities of handloading, rifle shooting and clay target shotgun shooting on its purpose built facilities on McLeans Island. Members are admitted to the NZHA on completion of the Association’s requirements for admission and are required to hold a current New Zealand Firearms Licence in order to be able to shoot without the immediate supervision of a Range Officer or New Zealand Firearms Licence holder who is a member of the Association.

The NZHA’s purpose built facilities on McLeans Island provide both day and night shooting opportunities with the covered shooting positions of the rifle ranges being accessible on a 24/7 basis.

NZHA members are acutely aware of the need to maintain the highest standards of firearm safety and respect for their chosen sport. They also seek to positively promote their code to the wider community, conducting themselves in such a manner as to avoid bringing disrepute to either the sport of shooting or their Association.

The NZHA maintains a register of all members and will seek to use individual skills/talents either on an individual basis or through working bees organised and run by the Committee on an ‘as needed’ basis.

Range Officers are trained by the NZHA at both Association and Mountain Safety levels.  These range officers are active members and aside from maintaining a ‘watching brief’ on members using the range also supervise ‘open nights’ where non members can sight in rifles and participate in clay target shotgun shooting. This is a unique opportunity providing a public good for those without access to a safe, supervised range.

The NZHA is administered by a committee elected on an annual basis by the members.  The committee is charged with responsibility for the day to day activities and with planning for the Association’s future.

The NZHA Committee has adopted three major focuses for the years 2015-2020:

  • Expansion of shotgun facilities and the development of 25/50m rimfire/large bore sighting and 200m ranges to provide further opportunities for members and those attending ‘open nights’.
  • Active promotion of our sport to young persons and opportunities in training in the safe use of firearms and handloading.
  • Engagement with other shooting organisations with a view to developing further opportunities for members.