Black Powder rifle shooting.

On the third Sunday of the month the NZHA hosts a small and informal black powder shoot.  Mostly muzzle loading rifles with the odd black powder cartridge rifle (BPCR) for good measure.  Shooting is conducted offhand at 50m on a selection of static (paper) and reactive (clays and silhouettes) targets.  Commencing at 9:30am (set up from 9:00am) the group likes to proceed at a leisurely pace stopping for morning tea and lunch in order to refresh and analysis results (read; drink coffee and chew the fat).  By 1pm the shoot has usually come to a natural end.

Those interested in shooting BPCR, we advise that the shoot is best suited to carbine type rounds eg: .44/40, .45 Colt due to the limited range available.

The NZHA constantly endeavours to have a supply of black powder on hand for members to purchase as the best rate available along with No. 11 and Musket (top hat) caps.  Please note we are not in the business of supplying black powder on a commercial basis.