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NZ Police mail order form for firearms and/or ammunition.

Police mail order form

The following is a list of out of copyright/out of print/public domain material for you to enjoy.  Please consider saving to your hard drive to minimise traffic on our site.  Right click on the link and select “save target as”.

MLer Round Ball Workshop


The Lee Enfield Rifle MajorE G B Reynolds

Model 1903 Springfield rifle

Manual for rifle practice

Machine guns – Hatcher

Ideal bullet moulds 1897

Ideal bullet moulds 1900

Ideal bullet moulds 1929

Lyman bullet moulds 1950

BSA 1909 Catalogue

From Ingot to Target. Cast bullet guide.

NRA on Cast Bullets

NRA Cast Bullet Supplement

Why Not Load – Whelen

Handloaders Digest 1962

Ideal Handbook 38

Lyman No. 44 manual



Gas check dims