The NZHA was established to help facilitate on going development and learning in the field of recreational ammunition handloading.  Handloading is the act of preparing small arms ammunition from individual components (primer, cartridge case, projectile and propellant) in such a manner as to produce safe, economical and highly accurate cartridges tailored to individual firearms.  Our club has a dedicated handloading room with a vast amount of equipment available for members to use on Tuesday club evenings or, when granted clubroom access, at any time convenient to the member.


Equipment available at the NZHA

List of loading dies:
.204 Ruger, .22 Hornet, .22PPC, .222, .223, .22/250, .243, 6mm, 250 sav, 257 Roberts, 25/06, 6.5×55, .264, .270, 7×57, 7mm 08, .284, .280, 7mm Mag, .30 carbine, 30/30, .308, 30/06, .300 win mag, 32/20, 7.62×39, 7.62×54, .303 British, 8×57, 9×19, 38/357, .44 /44 mag, .444, .45ACP, 45/70. 
List of presses and other equipment:
1x RCBS JRS, 1x RCBS RC, 1x RCBS RCII, 1x MEC Sizemaster, 1x Lyman 450 Lubesizer. There are also powder measures, powder tricklers, lube pads, case trimmers, scales, loading blocks, Vernier callipers, bullet pullers and a large collection of loading manuals.

Member access – out of hours.

Members wishing to access the handloading room at times other than Tuesday evening should contact the management committee.  Access is granted based on previous handloading knowledge, references from other members or by attending a specified course.