The NZHA was formed in 1956 by a small dedicated group of shooters with the aim of fostering rifle and shotgun disciplines and to develop the hobby of handloading ammunition in pursuit of economy and accuracy.

This group has continued to grow in size and numbers and has developed the facilities to what they are today.

The NZHA has a shotgun range with one of the latest “Down The Line” traps and two “Riverside  Skeet” towers.

We also operate a four bay, covered and floodlit rifle range with shooting available at 25, 50,  75 and 100 metres.  Authorised club members have access to the rifle range 24/7.

The Club is situated at 597 Mcleans Island Road, Christchurch with public access Tuesday evening from 7pm for both rifle and shotgun range use. 

For all membership activity please click the ClubHub link below:

Club hub

The Firearms Safety Code:

1. Treat every firearm as loaded

2. Always point firearms in a safe direction

3. Load a firearm only when ready to fire

4. Identify your target beyond all doubt

5. Check your firing zone

6. Store firearms and ammunition safely

7. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling firearms